Keep Summer Fun, Interesting and Full of Learning

Keep Summer Fun, Interesting and Full of Learning

Most of us can’t wait till summer and once it arrives, we wonder what in the world are we going to do with our kids while we work, attend classes, and manage the household. If your normal child care arrangement isn’t a year-round program, hopefully you have already arranged for summer care through a child care program, camp or with a nanny.

Regardless, we have some ideas on how you can keep your children busy learning and having fun this summer.

Field Trips:

  • Plan a weekly (or biweekly) trip to the library.
  • Park meet-ups with other families and classmates in the mornings or afternoons when it is cooler.
  • Free family museum days!
  • Visit your local fire station. Bake some cookies to take with you.
  • Take advantage of your local attractions: zoos, botanical gardens, puppet shows and theatrical productions for children, and movies.
  • Cuddle and play with some cats and dogs in animal shelters.
  • Virtual field trips such as the Underground Railroad and the White House.

Summer Learning:

  • Stock an area with plenty of writing and art materials.
  • Create sticker stories.
  • Go on a word hunt.
  • Use chalk in the driveway or on sidewalks to help teach shapes, colors and numbers.
  • Make a “feelings” book to teach your child about emotions.
  • Make screen time count by watching a learning show like “Magic School Bus Rides Again” or playing new games from learning apps WITH your child.
  • Designate one day each week for your child to help you cook a meal. Use recipes, measurements and safe kitchen tools.

If you have not confirmed a child care plan yet this summer, it is not too late. While there may be many camps and programs full, there are resources to help you find just what you are looking for whether it is full-time or occasional care.

Field Trip and Education Resources:

Child Care Resources:

Choosing child care is one of the most important decisions your family will make. You can begin your search by calling CCRI’s Child Care Search at 704.348.2181 or visiting to let trusted experts help you.