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Emergency Back-Up Child Care Plan

The Emergency Backup Child Care Plan enables employers to take a proactive role in providing temporary, on-site care during emergency situations while reducing employee stress associated with arranging last-minute care. Employees work more effectively when they are assured that their children are in a safe and friendly environment.

What is it?

The Emergency Backup Child Care Plan is a guide for setting up child care at an employer’s location for use during emergencies, including inclement weather and natural disasters.

What does the plan provide?

  • A step-by-step process for selecting a site, choosing personnel and setting up procedures.
  • Standards for basic health & safety practices and positive guidance.
  • Sample forms for registration and record-keeping.

Options include information on developmentally appropriate learning materials and toys for various age groups; additional training for designated caregivers in health, safety and positive guidance; and assistance in selecting a site coordinator.

For more information

Call (704) 376-6697, ext. 199 or contact Susan Butler-Staub at