Delivery Method/Timing Policy

Online credit card transactions can be made through this website for the following services:

  1. To register for Professional Development Workshops.
  2. To purchase a 6-month membership to Child Care eSearch Plus.
  3. To make a charitable donation.

After a user completes the online form for these services and provides credit card information, the form and credit card information are transferred via a secure SSL socket to a secure server through iTransact (

After completing an online credit card transaction for any of these services, the user will receive an email confirmation from iTransact containing transaction details. The user’s credit card will be debited and the transaction will appear on the user’s credit card statement.

Receipt of your request and payment will normally be confirmed within a few minutes of completing the online transaction. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION EMAIL, YOUR TRANSACTION HAS NOT BEEN PROCESSED. Please call Child Care Resources Inc. at (704) 376-6697.